USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) was modernizing their legacy systems to SAP/FMMI (Financial Management Modernization Initiative). It was three months to go-live when the customer discarded all the requirement gathering documents created by a prior subcontractor due to errors and gaps in the business process and design documents. Tektree Consulting, Inc. was brought on board through a prime and given the task of requirement gathering, designing, building and deploying Integrated Acquisition Systems (IAS). Deployment of this system was critical to the success of initial go-live for USDA modernization project. Tektree Consulting, Inc. worked directly with the client, led a team of developers, and, delivered fully functional and effective products within planned budgets and timelines. This was a great relief to all the parties involved and stake holders. Delay in the initial deployment would have cost USDA millions of dollars. Today USDA utilizes IAS to FMMI interface to obligate and disburse billions of dollars. This is a real life demonstration of how our company is contributing to the success of our customers.

“I had the pleasure of working with Santhosh on USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) / FMMI (Financial Management Modernization Initiative) project where he played a lead role in implementing SAP interfaces for the entire spending chain operations between USDA’s IAS (Integrated Acquisition Systems) and FMMI. Santhosh led the creation of complex functional/technical design documents, developed and tested (5 – inbound 8 – outbound) interfaces while working actively with a group of onsite and offsite developers. These interfaces are tightly dependent on each other and are fully integrated within FMMI/SAP. Data for various interfaces is transmitted on real time/scheduled batch jobs basis using XML messages & delimited text files. While Santhosh has in-depth functional and technical knowledge of SAP, it was his ability to understand the concepts and functionality surrounding IAS and FMMI that allowed him to be critical in the success of the interface. He did an excellent job in coordinating, collaborating, tracking, developing, and testing these complex interfaces to our team’s satisfaction. The IAS team enjoyed working with Santhosh and felt the impact when he was moved to a different USDA project. I highly recommend his services to any position of similar nature.”